Spanish Speaking Ministries

As the Latino Pastor of Grace Presbyterian church, I would like to welcome you to our web page. We are a Christian church belonging to the Presbyterian denomination, PCA (Presbyterian Church in America).

We believe that Jesus Christ is the only Lord and Savior of mankind. We believe that the Holy Bible is the supreme authority by being the same Word of God. We are a Christ-centric church in which we base all our doctrines in the Bible.

At Grace, we have a Hispanic ministry where we have Sunday school classes on the Bible in Spanish and we also have the preaching of the Word of God in our language. At the same time, we have the ministry for children and adolescents through out Wednesday evening programs and we have bible studies from 6:30pm to 7:45pm Wednesdays in the same place.

You are all invited to participate with us and learn more about the Word of God.

May God bless you, Pastor Pablo