Grace Student Ministries

Here at Grace, we place a strong emphasis on our students.  As a church of around 250 members, we have over 100 children involved in our ministries on a weekly basis and have over 180 kids come and participate in our annual Sports Camp.  Our Student Ministry team is composed of Wes Parsons, Pastor over our  Graceworx Jr. and Sr. High Ministries;  Laura Pressley, our Director of Children's ministries; Katie Kelley, Assistant Director of Graceworx Ministries; and multiple other volunteers that make our ministries run!  Check out our ministries below and get your students plugged in today!

Graceworx Student Ministries reaches out to students in Jr. High (6-8 Grade) and Sr. High (9-12 Grade). Our purpose and desire is to model, teach, and show Christ to the students that are a part of our community. We do this through our Wednesday Night Youth Group, our Sunday Night D-Groups, annual trips and retreats, and anything else we get in to. Click to find out more abour Graceworx Ministries!

GraceKIDS is the name of our children's ministry. It is our desire to come alongside you as parents and offer our assistance and support as you do the most important work of your life, raising a godly generation. We hope to assist you with friendships that will draw them, outreach that will grow them, Bible lessons that will challenge them, and prayers that will entrust them to the God who sets them apart for His work. We have several programs designed to meet your child’s needs and assist you in your work as parents.

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