GraceKIDS is the name of our children's ministry. It is our desire to come alongside you as parents and offer our assistance and support as you do the most important work of your life, raising a godly generation. We hope to assist you with friendships that will draw them, outreach that will grow them, Bible lessons that will challenge them, and prayers that will entrust them to the God who sets them apart for His work. We have several programs designed to meet your child’s needs and assist you in your work as parents.


GraceBABIES We have two nurseries that are available for both infants and toddlers on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. The infant nursery (6weeks to steady walkers) provides a loving nurturing experience that will set the tone for the future. The toddler nursery (steady walkers through 3 years) provides a safe loving environment with times of teaching. 

GraceKIDS Sunday

Sunday School begins at 10:45 am. We hope to teach children the deep truths of being in a relationship with Him as we share age appropriate Bible stories & principles. We have classes for children ranging from the toddlers in the nursery to Sr. High.


Sunday mornings during the 9:30 am worship service – We offer a “worship training” experience for children between 3 years old through 1st grade. This experience is designed to prepare children to worship corporately with their family. 

GraceKIDS Wednesdays

(6:30-7:30) we bus children in from surrounding neighborhoods who are often un-churched and introduce them to Jesus Christ through recreation, singing, crafts, hands-on activities, and Bible lessons. Our covenant children help by having fun, making friends, and learning from the Bible stories alongside our neighbors. If you would like a ride to join us please call our church office (706)226-6344.